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      25 Feb

    Shout out / Roll Call (who is still active?)

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      04 Jan

    Robert Keyes. I am rebuilding a 89 st184r celica and am turboing the 2.2 5s fe. I have most of the engine rebuild parts but am looking for either webcam 294 or simular. Any help would be great. I live in the Mackay area Qld

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      23 Dec

    Things have been quiet on the forum for a while and photobucket has killed our spirits, but nonetheless we go on!

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      20 Dec

    Tumble Weeds

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      01 Dec


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RA 40 dash switch question

1st, 2nd & 3rd Generation Celicas 09 Feb 2018
Got this RA40, '81, so rect headlight version.   On dash, RHS of driver are two push buttons in a plate low down. Look "factory". One is electric latch for Liftback tailgate lock.   Other appears not to be working.   Suspect it might be for fuel flap?   Anyone know?
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81 RA40 mid-north coast NSW

New members 09 Feb 2018
Hey, peeps!   Just bought an '81 RA40 manual Liftback in silver. Stock. 18R-C with Weber. W50 5-spd.   Not perfect, but presentable. PO did some 'refurb' - much of which will need to be redone, but it's driveable and on full rego for now.   Importantly, no rust. Zip. Inland car. Bu...
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Celica steering wheel swap for 86/FR-S/BRZ wheel

7th Generation Celica 02 Feb 2018
Hey guys!So i started this thread in the link bellow a few days ago. I thought I'd post here for the extra attention if anyone is interested or has any knowledge regarding the swaphttp://www.newcelica...ad.php?t=398330This started with me asking for info but I now have a write-up of what I believ...
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ST 204 Factory Alarm

6th Generation Celica 20 Jan 2018
Hi All, new to this forum and am hoping to get some knowledge out of you all about the Toyota Security System. Recently purchased a 1999 Celica SX-R ST204 and trying to work out whats the go with security system. Didnt come with any remotes and am starting to wonder if these systems were just put...
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Brake Pads

6th Generation Celica 27 Nov 2017
Hey All,   I have a had a search and couldnt find anything but i need help finding brake pads for my 1995 Celica SX   We are preparing the car for the 24 hours of lemons and finding brake pads has been difficult. Anyway my question is are the pads and rotors for the Celica the same...
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